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TGS GROUP CО., advertising agency, LLP
Almaty, Abai пр., 52в, 609 off., 6 эт., 6 эт.

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Рубрики фирмы
Promotional products: manufacture and sale of a promo-stand, the advertizing structures, replication, sublimation, промотекстиль, design and the printing of promotional products, development of the corporate style, the large-format printing, the mobile equipment for promotion actions, flyers, advertizing panels, silk screening, relief figures, Oracal, commercials, banners, billboards, the full-color printing, a digital offset printing, polygraphic services, the printing large-format, outdoor advertizing, souvenir products, chevrons, flags, development of a logo, stickers, icons, medals, awards to tampopechat, advertizing on transport, plotting of logos, figures, lightboxes, the printing on the self-copier, balloons: advertizing, design, plotterny cutting, a laser engraving, business cards, illuminated signs, roof installations, sculptural forms, a profile for lightboxes, computer graphics, risographs, volume letters, promotion action, outdoor advertizing, signs: manufacture, firewalls, brochures, vacuum package, neon advertizing, risography, frames, icons: manufacture, manufacture of brochures, an engraving laser, gazosvetny production, exhibition benchs, logos, a thermotransfer, tables, benchs exhibition, steles, benchs, advertizing neon, advertizing luminous, advertizing shooting, stickers, roadside pointers, the printing digital, the printing on vinyl, the printing full-color, the printing on CD disks, the printing on a banner, Liflet-holdery, shelftalkers, holders for price tags, elkamt, cutters, to animated cartoons: services, a stencil process, advertizing mounting, advertizing dismantling, the engraving and milling equipment, the milling and engraving equipment, the equipment milling and engraving, poles, branding, the printing on a canvas, pavement signs, displays at the exhibition, the digital printing, flags, chevrons, services of the designer, pointers roadside, a copywriting, thermopress, termokollander, фирстиль, spiders, an outdoor advertizing, promotion actions, in Almaty

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