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Equipment for food industry
Нур-Султан, Богенбай батыра пр., 71
Нур-Султан, Тараса Шевченко Str., 4/1
Нур-Султан, Ыкылас Дукенулы Str., 31/1
Нур-Султан, Магжана Жумабаева пр., 30/6

Equipment for the food industry; production mini-shops; packing, meat-processing, baking, food, testoraskatochny equipment; food fittings, the equipment from stainless steel, capacity from black steel; equipment for bakeries, confectionery productions, productions and packings of ice cream, mini-production; pneumatic, laboratory, capacitor equipment; scales, densitometers, industrial mixers, refractometers, the systems of water treatment, titrator, vacuum packing, packing tapes, labels, mini-bakeries, ovens, ovens, filters, receivers, tanks, vessels in Нur-Sultan on the website "Our City. Нur-Sultan" www.nash-gorod.kz

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