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he connectors thermoseated products, compounds, a cable channels, a metal hose, boxes, electric boards, materials electrotechnical, electrotechnical materials, force connectors, electroinstallation products, lamps luminescent, energy saving lamps, LED tapes, connectors for LED tapes, boxes, fuses, disconnectors, insulators, switches, sockets, electric devices, electric meters, electric equipment, cabinets, contactors, a cable and wires of communication, the high-voltage equipment, cable trays, boards, extenders, sleeves, cable and conduction production, trays of heating mains in Нur-Sultan

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Address: 050031, office 2, 285, Tole bi Str., Almaty. Phone/fax: (727)222-02-77 (мн.), e-mail: mailbox@nashgorod.kz