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СТРОЙМАКС-2040, trade company
Нур-Султан, 22а

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Self-tapping screws, screws, turnbuckles, hooks, strops, tractive rivets, rivets nuts, the pressed attachment for thin sheets, an attachment for thin plates, fixings for wires, a furniture attachment, mounting straps, a special attachment, ropes, heat insulation fixers, clamps, circuits, pins, connectors, cotter pins, splines, screws, drills, pins, clamps, buses, ropes, anchors metal, anchors chemical, bolts, nuts, cargo fixture, expansion bolt shields, caps, corks, stubs, belts, rings, brackets, washers, nails, a hardware, sale to buy in Нur-Sultan on the website Our City. Нur-Sultan" www.nash-gorod.kz

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Address: 050031, office 2, 285, Tole bi Str., Almaty. Phone/fax: (727)222-02-77 (мн.), e-mail: mailbox@nashgorod.kz