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Electrotechnical equipment
Нур-Султан, Бактыораза Бейсекбаева Str., 2

The cable and conduction production, time cut-outs, modules which automatic are self-regenerated the equipment wiring, the equipment electrowelding, the Equipment low-voltage, the Equipment high-voltage, transformer substations container, breakers, boards, cable trays, contactors, power conditioners, the equipment electrotechnical, electric equipment, transformers, automatic machines, actuators, contactors, the low-voltage equipment, switches, sockets, generators, electromotors, pressure sensors electronic, insulators, diesel generators, accumulator rectifiers, starting arrangements, rectifiers, technology of cold shrinkage, puskoreguliruyushchy devices, the relay equipment, the photo relay, a modular hardware, reactors network, power supply unit in Нur-Sultan

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