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Construction-mounting works
Number of records:
Number of records:
Нур-Султан, Александра Пушкина Str., 18
Нур-Султан, Казанат Str., 1/1
Нур-Султан, Жумабека Ташенова пер., 7
Нур-Султан, Александра Пушкина Str., 15Б
Нур-Султан, Республики пр., 34а
Нур-Султан, Жайдарман пер., 1
Нур-Султан, Жанибека Тархана Str., 4
Нур-Султан, Орлыкол Str., 10Б

Installation, construction, electric installation, setup, finishing, all-construction, sanitary, roofing works; gasification of objects; elevators; seismogain of buildings; metalwork; hardware; mounting of a water supply system, sewerage, heating, systems of hot and cold water-supply; pipeline systems; argonno-arc welding; sewer networks; outside electrical power supply; development of ditches; mounting of engineering ways; operations on protection of constructions; wiring changeover; installation of counters in Нur-Sultan

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