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The telephone handbook «Our City» in Internet is a suitable instrument for searching of products and services, corporations and organizations of Almaty, public authorities and commercial representations of Republic of Kazakhstan.

Users of the handbook have an opportunity of an access to actual, weekly refreshed, and the fullest database of corporations and organizations of Almaty at any time. Information search in the Internet -handbook «Our city» occupies a minimum of time and is performed under the title, the address, the corporation's phone/fax, the product/service and the activity aspects, that ensures as much as possible exact correspondence of the searching results concerning the request. The online map of Almaty demonstrates a site of all corporations and gives opportunity to make a route of travel. In addition, the Internet-handbook «Our city» grants users the various helpful information, such as: Emergency phone numbers, Referral services of the cities of RK, Calendar of feasts, Cash dispenses of Almaty, Exhibitions of RK, Monetary units of countries, Codes of transport facilities of RK, Postal indexes of cities of RK, Sizes of clothing and shoes, Schedule of traffic of passenger trains, Schedule of airplanes, Distance between regional centers of RK, Table of weights and measures, Telephone codes, Terms of the international trade , Transit transport alleyways of RK, Paper formats, Bar codes of countries.

The handbook grants corporations and organizations possibility to dispose the contact information and to hold a targeted, effective and inexpensive advertising campaign. Various types of banner advertising on a site www.nash-gorod.kz , allow to hold both mass information of wide layers of users and exact effect on the audience.

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